Rosaria Butterfield at Wheaton

My friend Rosaria Butterfield was at Wheaton College in Illinois recently where she engaged in more public and personal discussion about the intersection of the historic Christian faith, the Church today, and the issue of homosexuality.  She is a brave and compassionate woman and I commend her book to any and all.  I reviewed her book here on this blog almost two years ago and had a chance to spend some time with Rosaria last year for an event on campus at UNCG.  Below is an excerpt from an interview she did with the student newspaper during her recent trip to Wheaton.  The full WORLD magazine article “A Wheaton Discussion of Homosexuality” in which this interview is republished can be found at the link provided.  

The first is, [homosexuality] is a hard topic—it’s a topic filled with shame and vitriol and fear and a lived experience of pain and violence, so it is not an easy topic. And even among believers, it is very important to take the hand of the suffering and put it in the hands of the Savior. You cannot do that unless you get close to the people that get hurt. So often, we like to turn the gospel into this sneaky little worldview raid, and it’s not that, it never was that.”


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