Unlovely Valentine’s

This post is not a pretty one.  So if you don’t want to ruin any Valentine’s Day groove you have going on, I suggest you not read this.Our church will be observing sanctity of life Sunday this coming Sunday.  We will hear from a lady who spearheads our PACE ministry (Post Abortion Counseling and Education).  Our senior pastor will be preaching on the subject.  It has been said before and repeated several times that the church’s approach to the issue of abortion ought to be two-fold:

  1. set up a fence at the top of the cliff (i.e. positive biblical instruction about the evils and consequences of abortion); and
  2. set up an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff (i.e. to minister to and help care for those women who have made the tragic choice to abort a child)

This is a healthy AND realistic approach in my opinion.  It embraces biblical truth and deals with reality as it is.  It seeks to protect and warn the uninformed AND offer healing and redemption to the suffering and guilty.  But there is a supplement to this approach that seems to be necessary in these culture wars, and that is this: we must resist and expose the evil of those pushing women toward the edge of the cliff who are outside the church.

And here’s the reason for this post.  I was pointed to this sickening Valentine’s post entitled “What Women Want” through reading this post on a blog I frequent entitled “Mere Comments”.  The blog post from Mere Comments says it well: ”

…according to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, nothing says St. Valentine’s Day better than an abortion.  … Yes, that’s correct.  Between “cancer screenings” (which are only a small fraction of Planned Parenthood services) and “well woman visits,” is abortion.

The scripture verse that popped into my head after seeing Ms. Richards twisted Valentine was “You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk (Deut. 14.21).”  In other words, God is telling us that we are not to take that which is intended to nurture life and use it to take life.  That’s what Ms. Richards is doing.  She is a woman with the capacity to bring new life into this world, to nurture it, cause it to flourish, and possibly even bear life of its own one day.  That is a beautiful thing and a gift, whether she recognizes it or not, from the One who knit her together in her mother’s womb.  Instead, Ms. Richards is advertising (on Valentine’s Day nonetheless!!) how women can safely and legally (setting morality aside of course) end the life of their baby.  Ms. Richards has ceased to be a life-bringer and has become a death-dealer.  That is horribly, tragically, immorally hideous and repulsive.

However, it is part and parcel to the culture of death that springs out of a presupposition that all we are are genetically programmed biological machines that do we what we do at these temperatures and under these atmospheric conditions.  So, on Valentine’s Day, a day that celebrates the life of a Christian martyr (possibly two) who surrendered his life in support of the sacredness of Christian marriage, ask this question to yourself: which is more attractive… a view of life that celebrates marriage and the sanctity of the tender life that is the fruit of it? or a view of life that advertises the goodness of killing the smallest and most helpless members of our culture?


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  1. Richard Jones

    well written Kirk and on point.

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