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The Dangers of Wrong Priorities

The following is excerpted from the blog

Our decisions have a serious impact on the lives of our children. Here is the sad admission of a father from the Midwest named Roy who discovered too late that his priorities had been wrong.

     “The first 10-12 years after the kids were born, my work took me away quite a bit.  My wife was really good about it, and she did a great job raising our three kids.  When they hit early adolescence, however, it suddenly dawned on me that I had missed out on a great deal.  After much reflection, I did something I never thought I could do:  I quit my high-paying job.  Then I went out and found a new job that would keep me close to home. But despite all I did, I was too late.

     No matter how hard I tried to put myself back into my kids’ lives, it didn’t work. They had adjusted to the point where having dad around wasn’t necessary.  Now, seven years later, we’re a little happier, but it is not anything like I wish it could be.  I missed my chance and now it’s too late.”

The sober truth is that your wife and children will learn to live without you if you don’t give them enough time and attention.  Here is another truth:  Whatever intimacy parents and teens enjoy is almost always cultivated before the age of twelve.  Please pass this truth on to every dad you know with kids 1-11!

The God of all grace does help us restore and rebuild from the harm of wrong choices.  But there is also real damage, serious injury to those we love most.

Let’s be fierce in our battle to keep our wives and children our top priority after the LORD.

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