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Review of “The Orphaned Generation”

Below is my review on of the book The Orphaned Generation: The Father’s Heart for Connecting Youth and Young Adults to Your Church by Scott Wilcher.  I hope people will read this and be motivated to get a couple copies for their church.  It’s simple, clear, vivid, and will hopefully change the posture of your heart toward the younger generations.

There are plenty of screeching voices on the subject of the modern youth ministry.  This book is not one of them.  What this book DOES accomplish is it becomes a wise guide for those who choose to take up the challenge implied by the book’s subtitle.  It is not guilt-manipulation aimed at the older generation.  It is not the I-am-really-hip-and-have-the-perfect-program-for-your-church kind of book.  It is not a the-modern-youth-group-model-is-of-the-devil version of youth ministry.  No where were the words “family integrated model” substituted for the words “Jesus Christ” like I have seen in other places.  What any reader will see is a deeply felt compassion for drawing in youth who don’t live in a traditional, nuclear family setting combined with a working knowledge of and fideilty to Christ and His gospel.  The author combines his compassion with a nitty-gritty knowledge of how things ARE not how we WISH them to be idealistically.  The reader will also find his or her own assumptions challenged as the author is hard on both the older and younger generations.  An example of one of the major challenges to the older generations is the call to know the mind of Christ better, to not view the younger generations as belonging “over there” in their own strata of ministry but see them as “our kids” who we love and serve and fold into our weekly life.  Church members do this in order to become the wise guides that this book calls them to be so that an orphaned generation can once again feel like the heavenly Father wants them for his sons and daughters.

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