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Choose Your Weapon and Fight

The following list is derived from a talk that John Piper delivered back in 1995 entitles “Strategies for Battling Sexual Sin”.  Piper’s list with the full text of the accompanying scriptures can be found here.  The strength of Piper’s strategies is that he is as concerned (if not moreso) that the embattled Christian fill himself/herself with the glories of the Christian life as rid themselves of the darkness.  His best illustration from the talk doesn’t make it onto the list I linked to above, and it goes something like this: The best way to get the air out of a glass isn’t with a suction pump… it is to fill it with clean water.  And as the glass fills with water it forces the air out.  So it is with our hearts.  We fight more effectively by being filled, not by merely trying to purge.  Here is the list, and from what I can tell, it is in no particular order of importance:

1. Recognize that sexuality is a good gift from God.

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