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Calendars and Spiritual Formation

Protestants who look with one raised eyebrow at the high-church celebration of the church calendar (present company included), need to take a good honest look at the heart of this comment: 

“…how we celebrate time deeply shapes us as people, and increasingly, American holidays are shaping us as sentimental consumers, and the Christian year shapes us around the person and work of Jesus Christ. Case in point, Spencer points out that no church he was part of when he was younger ever chose Pentecost over Mother’s Day. To put it baldly, we exalt the nuclear family over the Holy Spirit’s work in the church, and part of the reason is that, for most evangelical Christians, Mother’s Day is an obligatory holiday and Pentecost feels optional.” {this quote is taken from here}

This is NOT saying that Christians don’t need to set aside special times to honor our mothers.  This IS saying Christians are often guilty of loving the nation of the USA over the kingdom of Christ as it’s revealed in the Church.  At the very least, his Mother’s Day/Pentecost comparison hit the bulls-eye in my heart.  Ouch.

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