Biblical Economics… a review

Biblical Economics: A Commonsense Guide to Our Daily Bread
Sproulito did a great job with the economics end of things but only a mediocre job of the biblical end of things. Any convinced free market capitalist will be cheering their way through the book and be learning along the way as well. His writing was engaging and illustrations were very … well… common-sensical. However, he rarely establishes his economic principles starting with a scriptural foundation. Most of the time he introduces the reader to a free market principle and then shows where that principle can be supported using the scriptures. While his dedication to the scriptures is evident and his zeal to see God’s righteousness established in the economic arena is commendable, it seems a book entitled “Biblical Economics” ought to start with the scriptures and derive its economic principles from there. This is really the only critique I have of the book, but it seems an appropriate one considering the title suggests a stronger biblical presence.

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