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changing ministry settings

I have recently received a call to be the assistant pastor of a church in North Carolina, so, over the next several weeks/months I will be trying to re-orient the thrust of my blog to fit my new ministry context.  I have started with the title of the blog, which, if you haven’t noticed already, is “boat14nc” instead of the former “boat14va”.  I hope everyone will bear with me during this exciting transition time for my family and me.

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A reunion of old friends

We have all read books or watched movies where good friends have had a falling out, traded embittered and hasty epithets, and been separated for many years.  But then something happens… something in the progression of life that reminds one of the other or reveals some great misunderstanding that has kept these friends separate, and they are brought back together again.  They might have to learn how to forgive, or be the first to step humbly forward and ask for forgiveness, or even find something new around which to rekindle the friendship.  But in any case, the barriers that were once high and thick between them are exacting too great of a price on both of them.  Their friendship is too precious to allow both to wither in separation.

I would propose that this is the story of science and the Christian faith.  Many modern day scientists see Christianity as a roadblock to an exuberant pursuit of scientific discovery and technological advance.  Many modern day Christians see science as the Great Atheist-Maker or a disease that is endemic to where on lives (like malaria) that must inoculated against in order to prevent infection.  But it was not always so. Continue reading

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