Rug-yanking applied to modern arrogance

Well, just when I think I am reading something by C.S. Lewis that is sub-par, he comes out with a quote that really gets my wheels turning… in  a good way.  In his Problem of Pain (Harper-Collins, 2001), Lewis is discussing how the typical modern man tends to magnify his own virtues and magnify his forefathers’ vices.  But then, Lewis puts us all in our place with this:

From considering how the cruelty of our ancestors looks to us, you may get some inkling how our softness, worldliness, and timidity would have looked to them, and hence how both must look to God. (p.58)”

It is hard for all of us when we are faced with the reality that we must repent of what we perceive to be our virtues… repent of our softness that we have been mistaking for compassion… repent of our worldliness that we have fooled ourselves into thinking was relevance… repent of our timidity that we have falsely labeled humility.  May the Holy Spirit give us wisdom to tell the difference between our virtues and our vices.


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