Great quote about church-bashing

Although I haven’t read the book myself, The Shack is a bit of inspirational fiction that has tapped into the evangelical desire for spirituality that is accompanied by a general disdain toward the organized church.  The following is a quote by reformed pastor in Lynchburg that I came across when surfing the blogs.

“[The author of The Shack] goes out of his way to say that God is not interested in institutions or rituals. He thinks that those sorts of things are hollow solutions to man’s ills. The problem is that the God of the Bible has indeed created institutions and established rituals in those institutions. Of course, these should not be empty institutions and empty rituals. The Church needs to mean something. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper must do something.”

What would the bride of Christ be like if more evangelicals sought their authentic Christian experience in the common walks and means of the church?  I can only say “Amen” to my brother in Christ in Lynchburg.  May your tribe increase!


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