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Bleeding Heart Calvinism

This link  is from St. Anne’s Public House issue “War” (Spring 2006) where we reformed types are taken to task by one of our own for our lives lived in the constant state of fixin’ to do something.  (For those who are from the South, you know what I mean.  For those who are latitudinally-challenged, “fixin’ to do something” means you aren’t actually doing it yet… it might not actually get done… but your intention is to get a roun’ tuit pretty soon.)  We, in the name of principles and decently-and-in-order-ism, are very particular about how to go about things like evangelism and outreach and throwing church parties not centered on the high holy days of Hallmark.  But if you’ll click on the link and play track four entitled “Bleed”, I think it’ll make you think.  But will you just think about it?


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2 more sermons

Well here is the sermon for the last Sunday in October and the one from today.

October 26: jesus-and-the-funhaters(mk2_13-22)

November 9: life-in-the-day-with-christ(mk 2.23-36)

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