Sermon for 8-24-08

Psalm 126, the text for this week’s sermon, helps us with the antidote for one of the greatest maladies with which the church is infected.  If I were to give it a name, I might call it humbug-ism.  The world very often only notices our voices when we reach a certain shrill decibel level indicating that we have crossed the point of no return into raging moral indignation.  “Gosh, those Christians seem to always be upset about someone or something.”  Maybe if the church would learn to throw a good party – the kind of party where you don’t have to go apologize to the neighbors for the noise because they were there at the party as part of the noise – just maybe the world might notice something a little more enticing about a life of Christian discipleship than all the heavy books we have on our shelves.   laughing-as-we-walk_ps126


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