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Heavenly Flesh

In C.S. Lewis’ essay entitled “Transposition” from the collection of essays The Weight of Glory, Lewis attempts to give us an explanation of an experience (always a tortured task) of what heaven must be like. So often the idea of heaven that we receive is one of a ghost-like existence which is euphorically entranced by an innumerable choir singing Enya-like music or endless repetitions of the latest favorite praise chorus. We take Saint Paul’s words from I Cor 15 that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” and try to force his words to fit into the box of our earthly experiences. But Lewis (I can only imagine) had this itching between his ears that knew that the strip-away-the-physical approach to a heavenly vision is wrong-headed and unscriptural. So being true to form, Lewis, as the quintessential artist of the literary canvas, drives home his point with a fable. Continue reading

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